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Welcome to Collier High School, a state-approved special education school, privately operated and non-profit, dedicated to empowering students who face unique challenges in traditional educational settings. Our mission is to support students struggling with school refusal, oppositional/defiant behavior, discouragement, low motivation, demand avoidance, and a variety of developmental disorders.

Our academic curriculum, designed to accommodate small class sizes, is tailored to ensure each student's needs are met beyond the capacity of a conventional public school system. The departmentalized program at Collier offers a robust foundation for our students, equipping them with the necessary skills to confidently step into four-year colleges, community colleges, technical/vocational schools, or full-time employment.

Our educational journey isn't confined within the four walls of a classroom. We encourage practical learning through a myriad of avenues, including work-based learning, structured learning experiences, cooperative work experiences, and work-study programs. These interactive initiatives allow students to gain real-world experience and foster a deep understanding of various professional environments.

At the heart of Collier's holistic approach to special education is our strong commitment to student counseling. Our dedicated team of counselors engage in individual and group therapy sessions that inspire and nurture social and emotional growth. We also encourage our students to participate in a variety of clubs, sports teams, and activities that are offered at Collier. These platforms mirror the extracurricular opportunities available in public schools, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling academic experience.

At Collier High School, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to exceptional special education. Join us and experience an environment where unique challenges are transformed into extraordinary achievements.

At the heart of Collier High School's program is a belief in the inherent worth of the individual and a belief in the capacity for personal change. Through quality education and therapeutic support, students come to experience themselves as caring, talented, and high-achieving individuals.

Nature of the Program
Collier is a state-approved, private, non-profit school for students with disabilities whose needs cannot be met within the public school.

Students with any of the following symptoms may benefit from the program: 
    ◊ depression 
    ◊ anxiety 
    ◊ poor socialization skills/isolation 
    ◊ oppositional/defiant behavior 
    ◊ discouragement/low motivation 
    ◊ school refusal 
    ◊ mood, attention, or adjustment difficulties


Statement of Purpose
Situated on a 260-acre campus, Collier High School welcomes students looking for a place that will delight in their uniqueness and support their desire to make a fresh start. 

Collier is a place where: 
   ◊ every youngster is known and valued 
   ◊ every youngster feels a part of things 
   ◊ every youngster can make a difference 

At Collier, youngsters flourish by: 
   ◊ succeeding in academics with small class sizes
   ◊ developing friendships 
   ◊ participating in sports & clubs 
   ◊ working with the less fortunate in nursing homes, food pantries, and special schools 
   ◊ showcasing their talents in musical, drama, and fashion shows 
   ◊ forming meaningful relationships with teachers, administrators, and counselors

Collier provides an environment where children thrive due to high staff-to-student ratio, a vibrant academic program, and the support of a fully-staffed social services department.